Treatment of water shortage accident of the hottes

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Treatment method of steam boiler water shortage accident

(1) first check each water level, and quickly carry out the water level indicated by the batch inspection table, so as to quickly and correctly judge whether there is water shortage. When it is impossible to determine whether there is water shortage or full water, the water level gauge can be opened and the electrical equipment on the testing machine should be installed and tested by the manufacturer on the testing machine. If there is no boiler water flowing out, it indicates that it is a water shortage accident, otherwise it is a full water accident. (2) When "calling water", install the pressure needle or indenter. First open the water level gauge drain cock, then close the steam cock, and then slowly close the drain cock. Pay attention to whether there is water level in the water level gauge. If the water level can be seen, it indicates a slight water shortage, which can weaken the combustion and slowly feed water into the furnace. At the same time, quickly identify the cause of water shortage and properly solve it. When the water level returns to above the lowest safe water level, increase fuel and air supply to restore normal combustion. If the water level is still not seen in the water level gauge after "calling water", it indicates that there is a serious water shortage and the boiler must be shut down urgently. It is strictly forbidden to feed water into the boiler, otherwise the boiler will be in danger of explosion. The above treatment method is applicable to the boiler whose water connecting pipe of water level gauge is higher than the highest fire limit. "We have officially confirmed the industrial feasibility of the project

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