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Belt constant temperature and humidity test chamber low temperature compressor maintenance method

after the user purchases the belt constant temperature and humidity test chamber, after long-term operation and use, as the core component of the belt constant temperature and humidity test chamber, how can you beautify and maintain it, so as to make the compressor have a longer life and higher efficiency? Next, Haida instrument will explain to you the maintenance methods and matters of the refrigeration compressor of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

1. Carefully check the action sound of cylinders and moving parts at all levels, and identify whether its working condition is normal according to listening. If abnormal sound is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection

2. Pay attention to whether the indicated values of pressure gauges at all levels of the compressor, pressure gauges on air tanks and coolers and lubricating oil pressure gauges are within the specified range

3. Check whether the cooling water temperature and flow of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber are normal

4. Observe whether the oil level of the oil pool of the machine body and the lubricating oil in the oiler are lower than the scale line. If it is low, add it up in time (those who use dipstick must stop for inspection)

5. Check whether the temperature of the suction and exhaust valve cover at the cross guide rail of the crankcase of the machine body is normal by hand

6. Check the supply of lubricating oil and the lubrication system of the moving mechanism (some compressors are equipped with plexiglass baffle plates on the side of the crosshead guide rail of the machine body, so that you can directly see the crosshead movement and the supply of lubricating oil); The cylinder and packing can be checked by one-way cutting for oil drainage, and the oil filling condition of the oiler into the cylinder can be checked

7. The lubricating machine used should be precipitated and filtered. Compressor oil should be used differently in winter and summer

strengthen technological innovation 8. Check whether the pressure regulator or load regulator and safety valve are sensitive

2. Fatigue test motor: it is the engine that controls the operation of the components of the fatigue test machine. 9. Check whether the compressor vibrates and whether the anchor screws are loose and fall off

10. Pay attention to the sanitation of the compressor, equipment and environment of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

11. The air storage tank, cooler and oil-water separator should always discharge oil and water

12. Pay attention to whether the temperature rise of the motor, the bearing temperature and the indication of the voltmeter and ammeter are normal. The current shall not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds the rated current, find the reason or stop the machine for inspection

13. Regularly check whether there are sundries in the motor, and even Solvay polymer company announced that the fasteners at the inlet (outlet) of the cooling system of polimotor 2 engine will be made of Solvay's amodel a (8 930 HS) polypeptide amide resin (PPA at the end of the experiment) to make conductive objects. Whether the coil is damaged and whether the stator and rotor are rubbed, otherwise the motor will burn out after the motor is started

14. In case of water-cooled compressor, if water cannot be supplied immediately after water cut-off, cylinder cracks due to uneven cooling and heating shall be avoided After parking in winter, drain the cooling water to prevent the cylinder from cracking

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