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Frequency converter maintenance experience and application

1 The frequency converter will only reduce the voltage, not the voltage

2. The frequency converter itself is not an energy saver, and its energy saving is based on the waste of electric energy caused by the original failure of speed regulation

3. Frequency converter is a magnetic jammer under the promotion of industrial policy

4. The IGBT module and main control board of frequency converter cannot be localized on a large scale, and the price remains high

5. The cost and service life of the frequency converter are very different

6. The inverter requires that the quality of power supply should be better

7. The service life of the frequency converter is not unlimited, and the fan and electrolytic capacitor are the first to age

8. The frequency converter is a combination of strong current and weak current. The main board circuit is precise. Domestically, the failure rate is high if the working environment is poor and the maintenance is not good

several problems should be paid attention to in the use of fan frequency converters: insulation solutions suitable for the different needs of Chinese customers have been developed

1) the deceleration time should not be too short, usually minutes

2) do not use free parking and automatic reset functions unless you set the speed tracking function

3) if the speed tracking function is not set, the frequency converter cannot be started when the fan is still inertia rotating when the design board is easy

4) the input voltage is more stable

5) the three-phase current of the motor shall be relatively balanced, and the motor bearing shall not have problems

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