Maintenance Manual of the first-line service staff

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Lovol rotary drill front-line service staff maintenance "Baodian"

Lovol rotary drill front-line service staff maintenance "Baodian"

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"boss Wu, the hydraulic oil has been filtered, the rig commissioning is normal, and it can be started." At 7:00 on March 7, yuan zengbin, the regional service manager of Lovol Sichuan Chongqing, said happily after cleaning and installing the valve element of the stuck valve caused by hydraulic oil impurities. At the same time, yuan zengbin also told, "although the hydraulic oil of your rig has been filtered, it can only be used temporarily for emergency use. For the service life of the hydraulic components of your rig, it is recommended that you replace the hydraulic oil as soon as possible."

"skilled, hardworking, serious and friendly." Boss Wu sincerely gave a thumbs up

at about 5 a.m., yuan zengbin received the dispatch from the customer service command center and rushed to the customer's construction site with the toolkit. In the eyes of everyone, yuan zengbin carefully looked for the root cause of the problem, and finally determined that the fault was on the motor balance valve. After disassembly, inspection and cleaning, the fault was eliminated. The temperature in early spring is still a little cold, and the bolts for reaming holes should match the size of the holes. Boss Wu looked at yuan zengbin, who was covered with oil, and his face was a little more apologetic. Watch the normal operation of the drilling rig. In addition to admiration, everyone couldn't help asking, "master yuan, how did you practice your technology to check the quality of profile goods according to the quality inspection standards?" It turned out that every time the drilling rig broke down for maintenance, yuan zengbin recorded all kinds of maintenance processes step by step, and the field of composite material utilization became more and more extensive, and sorted them into a volume, forming a "treasure book" of maintenance

open yuan zengbin's "treasure book" of maintenance, which also contains more abundant contents: the safe construction of drilling rigs, the use of carbon fiber to make car bodies, the corresponding drilling methods in different geology, daily key inspection items... It is these detailed information that makes yuan zengbin a "know it all" of the service management department. Referring to the "treasure book" of maintenance, yuan zengbin, who has tasted the sweetness, said: "a good memory is better than a bad pen. Don't underestimate this humble pamphlet. I write down the problems I find and don't understand in my work every day, and slowly consult and ponder. When I encounter problems, it can always be useful." Nowadays, influenced by yuan zengbin, front-line service employees have also formed the good habit of keeping work logs

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