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Maintenance experience of zy202b folio folding machine

for the printing enterprises of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe fittings for book building drainage gb/t 5836.2 (9) 2, the folding machine is essential, especially for the folio folding machine, which plays an important role in book binding. Zy202b folio folding machine purchased by our factory is an important equipment for bookbinding of books and periodicals, which has played a great role in production

zy202b folio folding machine after several years of operation, various mechanical parts have been worn to varying degrees, especially the matching rotating parts. Recently, there has been the problem of unstable paper conveying. Tens of millions of paper is not in place, and the folding is not accurate, and it appears continuously. Although adjustments have been made, there is still no improvement, and normal production has been affected. Later, the machine maintenance personnel found that the hemp roll shaft had runout and uneven rotation, which affected the paper feeding and folding. After disassembling it, it was found that the copper sleeves at both ends of the hemp roll shaft were severely worn. The plan clearly pointed out that it was important to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, and the horn mouth appeared, causing the hemp roll shaft to rotate and shake unsteadily. After processing, replace the new copper sleeve, clean the hemp roll shaft and fixed place, adjust the clearance after assembly, and eliminate the symptoms during commissioning. But then there are new problems. The first folding knife makes the noise of the hemp binding roller, which still doesn't work after several adjustments. There was a gap between the original shaft set, but now the gap has been eliminated, and new problems have emerged. If this fault is not solved, first, it will affect the folding quality; Second, the folding knife wears fast; Third, cannot fold normally. Therefore, we had to check item by item again. It was found that the shaft connecting the two bearings on the long arm of the first folding knife had clearance and movement in the hole, and there was a clearance of 0.1mm/m measured. Such a small clearance caused the knife binding phenomenon and affected the folding effect. After re reaming, the car is equipped with shafts. In addition, the material of this part is metal. After installation and commissioning, the effect is good, the folding is normal, the noise is eliminated, and the size standard is reached

through this maintenance, the author's experience is that during machine maintenance, we can't just look at the surface phenomenon, and we can't just carry out routine inspection and maintenance, but also pay attention to the related rotating parts, connecting parts, etc., especially small changes and abnormal phenomena, so as to save time, avoid returning to work, and don't delay normal production. Otherwise, it will get half the result with half the effort, which will not only affect the next process, but also affect the publishing cycle and product quality. (end)

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