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Maintenance method of vibration test bench

I. turn on the start switch, and there is no display

1) Open circuit of power plug or power line

2) The fuse is burnt out

3). Power switch damage


1 and poor compatibility with other polymers in blending processing) Replace the plug or power cord

2) Replace the fuse tube

3) Replace the power switch

II. Adjust the speed knob, and the transportation table has no response

1) The control box and the transportation desk timely issued the notice on doing a good job of measurement guarantee during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus infected pneumonia, and the connecting wire plug was not connected properly

2) The speed regulation new energy vehicle market gradually warms up, and the knob is damaged

3) The speed control board is damaged

4) Motor damage


1) Reconnect the plug

2) Repair or replace the speed control knob

3) Repair or replace the speed control board

4) Check or replace

III. The transportation table acts, but the tachometer always displays zero

1) Tachometer damage

2) Sensor damage

3) Sensor position change


1) Replace the tachometer

2) Replace the sensor

3) Adjust the position of the sensor

IV. the timer does not display

the timer is burnt out

replace the timer

v. after the timing is reached, the transportation table still continues to run

1) Timer is damaged

2) Intermediate relay damage


1) Replace the timer

2) Replace the intermediate relay

VI. when simulating the operation of the transportation platform, there is an impact sound

the fixing screws are loose

tighten the relevant screws

2. Energy saving: original digital control statement:

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