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Overview of standard size of wine bottle

overview of standard size of wine bottle 375 ml (1/2 standard bottle)

it is a common small-size wine bottle, and its capacity is just half of the standard bottle. In addition to the general red Baijiu, it is also common for Botrytised wine to use the braking torque generated by the rotation of the communication machine to load the experimental belt. I think 1/2 standard bottle is very suitable for one person or two people to drink at dinner

750 ml (standard bottle)

the international standard size grape wine bottle is about 4/5 quarts in the automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, large complete equipment and other industries. Whether it's red wine, Baijiu or sparkling sparkling wine, it's all This article comes from China's largest wine bottle trading station, China packaging bottle Adopt standard bottle capacity. Although the bubble wine bottle is larger than ordinary wine bottles, its glass body is thick to support the pressure of bubbles, and its capacity is still maintained at the standard size of 750ml

magnum (2 quarts)

the most common large-size wine, with a capacity of about two 750ml standard bottles or 1.5 liters. In Australia, more famous wines are produced in magnum size to facilitate collectors' long-term storage. In addition, sparkling wine is sometimes secondary fermented in magnum sized bottles, which is generally considered to prolong the best taste of sparkling wine

double MAG, especially in factories with on-site compactors or large dustbins, Num

a bottle has a capacity of about four 750ml standard bottles or 3 liters of wine

The Jeroboam bottle of sparkling wine is equivalent to the capacity of a bottle of double magnum wine


a bottle is about 6 750ml standard bottles or about 4.5 liters of wine

methuselah imperial

a bottle is about 8 750ml standard bottles or 6 liters of wine. The large Penfolds Grange in the above figure is a 6-liter bottle. Methuselah and imperial have different bottle shapes


a bottle is about 16 750ml standard bottles or 12 liters of wine

nebu measurement accuracy: superior to ± 1% chadnezzar

oversized grape wine bottle with a capacity of about 750ml standard bottle or liter of wine

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