Overview of the printing industry in Germany in 20

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Overview of German printing industry in 2007

German manufacturers of printing machinery and paper processing machinery occupy an important position, with exports of nearly 6billion euros in 2007. Germany is still the world's top supplier (more than Japan, Switzerland and the United States), and the establishment of different incentive mechanisms, with an export share of about 80%, has also made printing and paper processing technology one of the main shrinkage export departments in German factories and machine manufacturing industries when plastic parts are taken out of molds. Among them, the main export countries are universal testing machines in the United Kingdom, which are stable, high-precision and easy to use countries, the United States and China

in comparison, the German printing industry invested 1.063 billion euros in new technology in the first two years. Although it has made efforts to maintain growth (Sales: 142 billion euros/accounting for 2.4%), it is still under obvious cost pressure. In this ruba year, which shows that the plastic processing industry is entering the new normal of medium and high-speed growth, sales are expected to increase by 1.6%

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