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Overview of the trend of plastic and rubber products

1. High pressure polyethylene: last week, low-cost ocean going goods (Iran, Russia, Europe and the United States) from Shanghai and Tianjin ports entered the local market, impacting the local market. Middlemen began to panic and rush to ship goods, driving prices down. Due to the consistent adherence of domestic petrochemical enterprises to prices, the market decline has been temporarily eased. The mainstream market price is 6600-6900 yuan/ton. Individual regions in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang can sell 7100, 7200 yuan/ton. In the future, it is expected to remain low next week under the condition of weak downstream demand and the continuous impact of imported resources

2. Linear polyethylene: the domestic linear market fell last week, sales were significantly lighter than last week, and the inventories of petrochemical enterprises rose sharply. Zhongyuan introduced batch prices on Thursday and Friday, and Maoming lowered the price by 200 yuan/ton. The mainstream market price is 6050-6200 yuan/ton, and 6300 and 6400 yuan/ton in some regions. The price of Qilu Chemical City fell continuously on Friday, reporting 6070 yuan/ton in the morning and 6020 yuan/ton in the afternoon. The market is expected to continue to decline

3. Low pressure polyethylene (thin film): due to the flat demand, the market has not started this time, and the market is relatively stable (low pressure is enough for environmental protection, and other varieties have begun to decline). The mainstream market price is 6300-6550 yuan/ton. However, under the influence of the lower general environment, the impact of imported products (the market price realizes the tightening movement of 300 yuan/ton on the spring) and the low price of Shanghai Petrochemical (the ex factory price is yuan/ton), the market is expected to decline slightly

4. Polypropylene: due to the insufficient downstream demand and the sharp decline of propylene raw materials in the international market, wire drawing materials took the lead in falling sharply (300 yuan/ton). Although other varieties were relatively stable, the sales speed of dealers began to slow down. At present, under the influence of the consistent adherence of petrochemical enterprises to prices and the continued firmness of external prices, the decline rate has been initially alleviated, and the space for further decline is expected to be limited. BOPP and copolypropylene are still dominated by stability

5. In the PV domestic market, the market trading atmosphere is very flat, and there are few customers who buy goods with large hands. Small transactions are the mainstream of the market, and the price is difficult to rise due to the lack of trading volume support. The mainstream market price is 5800-6000 yuan/ton. LG sent home for yuan/ton, Tianjin Dagu for 5800 yuan/ton. Recently, the international price is relatively high, and the recent import volume has decreased correspondingly, which is conducive to the stability of the PVC market. It is expected that the future market will remain stable

5. Pure benzene: the international market price has declined. The CFR price in Southeast Asia is 380-390 US dollars/ton. The domestic market is basically stable due to the continuous export of many enterprises, and the mainstream price is 3700-3800 yuan/ton. The domestic price of downstream products phenol and acetone devices has increased significantly due to the explosion of a device in the United States, which is conducive to the stability of the pure benzene market. In the future, if there is no special reason, the market price of pure benzene is stable

6. Toluene: the international market is stable, and the international quotation rises slightly, which is 335-340 US dollars/ton (FOB Korea). Due to sufficient resources in the domestic market, the market price has callback, and the price is 3250-3550 yuan/ton. The future market is mainly stable

7. Styrene: in September, the electromechanical used by the tension machine of the shipping company was Panasonic full digital exchange servo Electromechanical, and the price of styrene was USD/ton (FOB South Korea main port). Due to the arrival of goods at the port, the price in the domestic market fell, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. The market price was 8000-8100 yuan/ton. The main reasons for the decline are: 1. The price rise in the early stage is too fast and too high, and the bearing capacity of downstream products is limited. The operating rate of PS manufacturers nationwide is less than 50%. 2. Domestic and international prices are inversely linked. Now the FOB price in South Korea is 735 US dollars/ton, less than 7500 yuan/ton after tax payment. It is very easy to cause imports. In the early stage, due to the influence of typhoon, small boats can't dock, and there are few goods arriving at the port. With the departure of typhoon, the goods arriving at the port are increasing in succession, and the price of imports in the early stage is mostly 720-730 US dollars/ton. After tax payment, it is less than 7400 yuan/ton, which is far lower than the current domestic price, so SM may decline in the future. However, due to tight supply, the range will not be too large

8. Phthalic anhydride: the supply in the Southeast Asian market has increased due to the shipment from India, and the market price has been loosened. The quotation of traders to China is USD/ton CFR, and the buyer's intention is USD/ton CFR. Affected by the weakening of downstream DOP market, the domestic market price is stable and tends to slide. The mainstream market price is 6000-6100 yuan/ton, and the quotation among enterprises has decreased. Jihua lowered its ex factory price to 5800 yuan/ton this week. Jinling was listed higher, and the actual ex factory price was lower. The future market is mainly stable, with the possibility of a slight decline

9. Targeting octanol: the quotation of targeting octanol in the international market remains stable. Most Korean producers of octanol sold out in September, and the price is USD/ton CFR China. The quotation of butanol for the first half of October is USD 620/ton CFR China/Asia, and the buyer's intention is USD/ton CFR Asia. Domestic market: the price of octanol stagnated. Octanol prices fell slightly. The main reason is the depression of downstream DOP market. Jihua lowered its octanol price to 6600-6700 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of octanol in the market is 6900-7100 yuan/ton, butanol is basically stable, and the port quotation is 6400 yuan/ton. The mainstream market price is 6200-6300 yuan/ton. The future market is mainly stable, with the possibility of correction

10. CIS polybutadiene rubber: the price of 1 × standard rubber in the production area has been maintained at more than 10000 yuan. Natural rubber 1# standard rubber has reached 10700 yuan/ton. Due to the shortage of butadiene, the market price of BR with tight market resources is steadily rising, and the mainstream market price is 8250-8500 yuan/ton. Dushanzi has been put into production. If it is normal, it can produce normal products this week, and the market supply will increase relatively. Due to the rising price of rubber raw materials, the small downstream processing industry has been unbearable, which will continue to rise in the future, and will consolidate at a high level in the future

11. Styrene butadiene rubber: the price of styrene butadiene rubber has been adjusted at a high level this week, and the mainstream price in the market is 8300-8700 yuan/ton. The Russian production plants overhauled in August have been started successively, and more and more resources have been imported into China, with the price of 7800 yuan/ton 10 (2) 0. The price of SBR raw material SM has fallen slightly recently. Decreased by 250 yuan/ton. Considering the bearing capacity of downstream enterprises, the future market of styrene butadiene rubber is mainly stable

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