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Overview of the suitability of lithography (VI)

VI. the suitability of finished products

(I) posters: mostly single printed matter. The paper used should not be easy to stretch and the ink used should not fade easily. Because it is often hung in the hall and is easily exposed to the wind and sun, it is best to mount a layer of PP or OPP film for protection after printing, which will not only enhance the brightness of the color, but also make its surface not easy to be damaged, and also prevent ultraviolet radiation and reduce the chance of fading

(II) Catalogue: its main function is to show the characteristics and advantages of products, so making it beautiful and attractive is the most important condition. This kind of printed matter must use high-grade paper, beautiful color pictures, exquisite design, careful processing and binding, so that readers can like it at first sight and achieve the effect of being suitable for transmission

(III) magazine: it is a reading material for public distribution in addition to the society. Sometimes it has a certain object. The paper it uses is mostly coated paper, the printing method is mostly lithography, the binding method is mostly horse riding nails, and thick books are used. It is an important gateway for countries 8, industry profit levels and change trends to open to ASEAN. There are also time and quality requirements when making

(IV) books: they are divided into thread paperback and hardcover books. Thread paperback is mostly for schools, general novels and other books. During liquidation, electromechanical and electrical appliances shall not be affected by damp. While hardcover focuses on advanced books, dictionaries, etc. When making, in order to adapt to its long-term preservation characteristics, we must take the long side as the direction of trade silk flow to be more straight

(V) window: it is often multi connected. At present, non carbon paper is used more, and carbon paper can be avoided as its main advantage. However, non carbon paper can be divided into upper paper, middle paper and lower paper. The upper paper is used for the upper layer, the middle paper for the middle layer, and the lower paper for the lower layer. You must pay attention to the layer of paper when using. When the following paper is placed on the upper layer, there is no copy function

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