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Summary of the structure of China's coating products

great progress has been made in the structural adjustment of China's coating products, and a production base for special coatings such as architectural coatings, automotive coatings and anti-corrosion coatings has been built, with an annual export volume of about 100000 tons. However, due to the low proportion of high-grade paint, it is very necessary to clean it after each use, and it still needs to import more than 100000 tons a year. There are still many urgent problems to be solved in China's coating industry, such as too many small enterprises, similar product structures, and tight supply of some raw materials. The coating industry must pay attention to the development of environmental friendly coatings, so that the coating products will develop in the direction of water-based, solvent-free and powdered. With the development of automobile and other industries, paint manufacturers have introduced a variety of paint production technologies and key equipment, mainly automotive paint

market of construction industry: the per capita living area of urban residents in China has increased from 3.6 square meters in 1978 to 7.3 square meters. According to the development plan of the Ministry of construction, the living conditions of urban residents will reach a well-off level by 2000, that is, the per capita living area will reach 8 square meters. From 1993 to 2000, 150million square meters to 180million square meters of new houses were built every year. At present, the building coating is 500000 tons. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the demand and variety grade of building coating will be greatly improved. The scale of China's national economic development is expected to reach 1900 billion yuan in 2000. The recovery rate of plastic 47%, wood 35%, glass 90%, paper and carton 90% and metal 85% in 2017 need to be applied as an example, 1.52 million tons. Architectural coatings account for 43% of the total amount of coatings, and 650000 tons of architectural coatings are required. In addition, during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China will build 1-12 square meters of residential buildings every year. If 50% of residential buildings, 30% of industrial buildings and 50% of public buildings are decorated with paint, 600000 tons of architectural paint will be required every year. Plus the repair of old houses, a total of 750000 tons of paint will be required. By 2000, the demand for architectural coatings will be 600000-700000 tons. About 1million tons of architectural coatings will be needed in 2010, of which the low-grade varieties will drop from 70% at present to less than 60% in 2000

market of industrial sector (OEM): at present, the production of industrial products such as automobiles, motorcycles, ships and household appliances in China has developed rapidly. By 2000, the above industries will enter a new development period, and the product output, variety and performance requirements of coating products will be greatly improved. It is estimated that the demand for paint is about 700000 tons. Including: 80000 tons for ships (70000 tons in 1995); 100000 tons for machinery and electronics; 120000 tons for railway vehicles (90000 tons in 1995); 150000 tons for automobiles; 100000 tons of household appliances (including 4000 tons of refrigerators, 10000 tons of bicycles, 3000 tons of sewing machines, 12000 tons of freezers and 4400 tons of washing machines in 1996, a total of 60000-70000 tons); 100000 tons of steel and wood furniture; Others use 50000 tons

among them, the automobile industry produced 1.5 million vehicles in 1995, including 500000 cars and 200000 mini cars. In 1996, the output of automobiles ranged from 1.7 million to 1.8 million, of which 43000 (10000) heavy-duty vehicles required 3311 (10000 tons), 354000 (10000) medium-sized vehicles required 15950 (10000 tons), 650000 (10000) light-duty vehicles required 19500 (10000) tons, 190000 (10000) micro vehicles required 2900 (10000 tons), 650000 (10000) vehicles and Jeep vehicles required 5000 (10000 tons), plus 100000 tons of automotive coatings for vehicle maintenance

special coatings mainly refer to heavy-duty anti-corrosion, repairing road signs and other coatings with special functions. We have more than 1.1 million kilometers of roads in more than 600 cities. It is estimated that the demand for this kind of paint will be 300000 tons by 2000, including 70000 tons of road paint

to sum up, by 2000, our coating production capacity will reach 2.3 million tons, and the demand will reach 1.6 million to 1.7 million tons. By 2010, China's paint production capacity will reach 3.15 million tons, with an output of 2.2 million tons

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