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Overview of foreign highway maintenance machinery technology

Introduction: with the substantial increase of traffic flow, the increase of heavy vehicles, and the emergence of serious overload problems, Zhu Wen of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of communications, the load of the highway is getting heavier and heavier. Accelerating the process of highway maintenance mechanization is an inevitable requirement to improve the level of highway maintenance. Road maintenance

With the substantial increase of traffic flow, the increase of heavy-duty vehicles and the emergence of serious overload problems, the load of roads is getting heavier and heavier. Accelerating the process of highway maintenance mechanization is an inevitable requirement to improve the level of highway maintenance

the quality of highway maintenance directly affects the service life of the highway. There are more than 80000 kilometers of highways in the United States. Due to the good maintenance and management work, the early built

highways have a history of 40 to 50 years, but they are still in use today. The highway management and maintenance departments in western countries are equipped with automatic road condition data acquisition vehicles, equipped with advanced maintenance machinery, with a high degree of mechanization

highway maintenance machinery configuration

and degree of mechanization

foreign highway management facilities are complete. For example, the interstate highway in the United States has a service area of about 60km on average; The degree of maintenance mechanization is high. All the experimental processes are controlled by computers. The total length of the toll road in Kansas is 380km. Only different materials need different fixtures, equipped with 123 maintenance personnel, with an average of 0.33 people per kilometer, which is evident in its high degree of mechanization

multi-purpose chassis

highway maintenance machinery must meet the needs of high mobility of maintenance operations. The multi-purpose chassis of one machine

multi-purpose quick replacement operation device has been widely used abroad. The chassis

is manufactured by automobile manufacturers, and the operating device is produced by professional factories. The multi-purpose chassis used for highway

Maintenance abroad roughly includes low-speed chassis and high-speed chassis. The low-speed multi-purpose bottom plate can also be referred to as "busy at both ends", that is, different working devices are suspended at the front and rear of the four-wheel chassis, such as loading, digging, trenching, cleaning, compaction, leveling, snow pushing,

hydraulic pickaxe, milling, etc., which are suitable for ordinary roads, urban roads, construction sites and other

projects. The high-speed multi-purpose chassis has the same high trafficability

as the automobile, and also has the low-speed performance of engineering machinery, with traction, front and rear power output

and other functions. The front and rear of the chassis can be suspended with working devices

asphalt pavement repair vehicles

there are various types and models of foreign asphalt pavement repair vehicles. They are divided into hot repair and cold repair by heating mode, towed and self-propelled by power mode, hot mixture and cold aggregate by material mode, and different asphalt pavement repair vehicles are used according to different geographical locations and maintenance processes. Foreign asphalt pavement repair vehicles have various configurations, and the following are several typical structural types: ① pavement repair vehicles with infrared heater. During the operation, first heat the repaired road surface with an infrared heater, excavate and clean the road surface with excavation tools after softening, sprinkle bonding oil,

then fill in new mixture, compact after leveling, and then complete the repair operation. After the operation, put the waste into the waste bin. ②

repair vehicle with hot mixture storage tank and excavation tools. There are a large number of pavement repair vehicles with this structure. The vehicle is equipped with a mixture storage tank. The mixed hot asphalt mixture is loaded into the storage tank before each operation. The storage tank is a thermal insulation tank, and some storage tanks are also equipped with heating devices. ③ Comprehensive work

Industrial overlay and repair machine. When the pavement needs to be repaired and paved, first spray the bonding oil within a certain width

as required, then sprinkle the aggregate, and finally roll it. The repair

machine passes once to complete all the paving and repairing operations. The paving width and position are controlled and adjusted by the driver according to the road condition. 5 jet repair machine. The spray patching machine belongs to the cold patching method, which uses compressed air to spray emulsified asphalt and aggregate to the pavement repair at the same time. As the spraying is carried out under a certain pressure, the spraying filler is solid and durable without rolling. After filling, sprinkle a small amount of stone chips on the surface, and then you can pass the vehicle. ⑤ Quick repair method. The rapid repair material has been used internationally for many years. Just fill the prefabricated repair filler into the repair place and complete the repair operation after leveling. The filler solidifies itself without rolling, which makes the pavement repair work simpler, faster, saves manpower and material resources, and uses simpler machinery

slurry sealer

slurry sealer is a preventive maintenance machine widely used in foreign countries. It spreads the slurry after stirring

on the road surface by the paver. The slurry sealer has two structures: drag type and self-propelled

. The paving thickness of self-propelled slurry sealer can be adjusted as required

recycling machinery

internationally, recycling processes and methods can be roughly divided into: hot regeneration, cold regeneration,

plant mixing regeneration, in-situ regeneration, etc. the machinery used for road regeneration includes infrared road surface

heating machine, milling machine, used material crusher, recycling mixer, in-situ regeneration

etc. different countries and regions choose different regeneration equipment according to their regeneration processes and methods. It mainly includes the following four kinds: ① milling machine; ② Used material crushing equipment

③ regenerative mixing equipment; 5 local regeneration unit

cement pavement maintenance machinery

the maintenance of cement pavement includes cracks, staggering, subsidence, joint fragmentation and opening, damage of joint filler, crack, peeling, pitting, potholes, etc. Foreign cement

pavement maintenance machinery is mainly but has the following types of large water absorption: ① cement board settlement detection equipment. The ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a device for detecting the settlement of water

muddy pavement, which uses the carrier free impact radar technology to detect the structure and defects of the pavement within a certain depth range. It is one of the indispensable equipment for cement pavement maintenance. ② Cement board grouting equipment. After the settlement cavity appears under the cement concrete slab

, the empty hole must be filled with filler in time, so as to maintain the uniform stress of the concrete slab, avoid the fracture of the slab, and improve the service life of the cement slab. The cement board grouting equipment includes the mixing of mixed slurry, drilling and the machinery that uses pressure to press the

mixed slurry into the gap under the board. ③ Filling and sealing machine. After the cement plate cracks, it must be filled in time, otherwise it is easy to transport. The supporting equipment of the project includes (1+4) hot continuous rolling production line (single stand 3300mm Hot Roughing Mill and four stand 2850mm hot finishing mill) is damaged. The joint filling and sealing machine is a special equipment for pouring asphalt or

epoxy resin and other joint sealing materials into the joint, including joint cleaning, joint filling and surface finishing. 5 cutting and crushing equipment. Western countries have successfully developed

hydraulic jet cutting machines, which are widely used in the maintenance of cement

components such as cement pavements, bridges, tunnels and so on. There is no vibration during operation, and the work efficiency is high

hydraulic jet cutting machine is an advanced cement concrete cutting equipment, which uses high-pressure water jet with abrasive to cut broken cement concrete pavement. Compared with the crushing method such as air pick, this method can improve the work efficiency by 25 ~ 50 times, and the noise is low and there is no vibration during the operation. After the operation, it will not have any impact on the adjacent and lower structures

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