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Traffic control problems and Improvement Countermeasures of Fuzhou Jinshan Avenue

based on the field investigation of the on-off time of traffic lights at six adjacent intersections of Fuzhou Jinshan Avenue and the corresponding traffic conditions, this paper analyzes the existing problems, discusses the rationality of the on-off time of traffic lights at intersections, and puts forward improvement countermeasures. It has reference value for improving the traffic efficiency of Jinshan Avenue and the rationality of traffic lights on and off at other intersections

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the acceleration of urbanization, the continuous improvement of people's living underwater, and the increasing popularity of motor vehicles, people have paid more attention to many aspects, such as whether the urban traffic is smooth, whether the traffic Mountain travel is safe and comfortable, while enjoying the great convenience brought by motor vehicles. Nowadays, the main problems in transportation are as follows:

1) with the increase of vehicles for several days, the phenomenon of road congestion in cities is serious, and the pollution of vehicle emissions and noise to the atmospheric environment is becoming more and more serious, resulting in greater and greater economic losses

2) due to the improvement of people's underwater life, everyone has higher requirements for the safety of transportation and underwater services. Fast, comfortable and safe transportation services have become an indispensable part of daily life

3) China's existing transportation system can no longer meet the needs of economic development, and it has become one of the main factors restricting the sustainable development of the economy

data show that the economic losses caused by traffic jams and accidents in China are at least 170billion yuan every year. To solve these problems, we should do a good job in the following two aspects:

1) do a good job in traffic planning and road system planning, constantly improve the construction of urban road facilities, and meet the growing traffic demand of the city

2) improve the utilization rate of existing urban roads, rectify the traffic order of urban roads in time, and take feasible ways to effectively guide and control the traffic flow, so as to improve the safety of urban traffic and find reasonable materials and processing technology. Among them, the former is limited by financial and material resources and cannot be solved in a short period of time. Compared with the latter, there is less space to invest in innovative goods launched by major automakers, and the results are faster, so it has a certain reality. Cross u traffic signal control is one of the important measures of cross traffic organization. A reasonable traffic control mode that needs to do this little sock well can bring huge economic and social benefits

like cities in many countries in the world, Fuzhou is increasingly facing great pressure of traffic congestion. Taking Fuzhou JINDA road as an example, this paper uses the knowledge of traffic light control principle and traffic engineering principle, combined with the actual investigation, through the study of the problems existing in road traffic u, and makes improvement research on this, hoping to significantly improve the vehicle passing speed. This paper is written based on the field investigation, collection and analysis of the first data

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