Prospect analysis of art glass industry in China

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Analysis on the prospect of China's art glass industry

architectural decoration market -- elegant and elegant

at present, the city building movement is sweeping the country, and cities generally enter a new round of expansion period. Large shopping malls, shopping centers and office buildings are becoming larger and higher in scale and grade. People's requirements for the appearance and interior decoration of buildings are also increasing, so that the proportion of decoration in the total project cost is also rising. In high-grade buildings, the cost of decoration has accounted for more than 40% of the total project cost. Glass products have become the ideal material for creating a wonderful living environment with the advantages of luxury, beauty, strong three-dimensional sense, different forms and rich colors

home decoration market - warm and elegant, artistic grade

housing is a one-time investment, while decoration is a multiple consumption. Within the service life of the house, it needs to be renovated once every eight to ten years on average, and the investment in decoration is no less than the initial investment of the house. With the characteristics of transparent and environmental protection, glass products integrate functionality, decoration and artistry. At present, it has gradually become a new favorite of home decoration materials such as doors and windows, partitions, walls, floors and ceilings. Due to the popularity of decorated houses, it has become a common practice to pay more attention to decoration and less attention to decoration. Glass decorative paintings and glass ornaments are just popular

living appliance market - modern simplicity and fashion trend

the glass living appliance market is all inclusive. From glass furniture, glass accessories and glass furnishings to glass stool table, glass tea table and glass cabinet, it has greatly enriched the diversity and color of people's daily life and has great market potential

after 30 years of rapid development in Chinese society, people's demand for basic material life is decreasing year by year. Instead, the pursuit of spiritual life is increasing day by day. Creating life, enjoying life and artistic life are being yearned for by more and more people. In recent years, arts and crafts, luxury goods and other industries have shown a blowout development, and the market prospect is good

business gift market - crystal clear and gentleman style

China has been a state of etiquette since ancient times. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual direct gift consumption is as high as 60 billion yuan. During Chinese New Year holidays, from organs and units to ordinary people, all worry about giving gifts. A simple thing has now become a technical job. Glass products with its crystal clear, fashionable and elegant characteristics have become the trend of the gift market and occupy a place in it

DIY market - novel, unique and unique

the post-80s and 90s have become the main consumer groups. They are fashionable and avant-garde, publicized personality, unique taste, happy to enjoy life and dare to consume ahead of time. They have an innate preference for a unique handicraft regardless of its price. They can queue up for five hours to buy an apple, or they can linger for a colorful glass vase. Personalized customization will firmly lock the young consumer group, so the wealth is only between raising your hand

art collection market - in two articles published by art, art treasures and unlimited appreciation

works of art made of glass have good permeability, high gloss, unique shape and unique style. All things in the world contain infinite artistic conception and show different charm in the changing scenery of glass. Glass products are not only exquisite handicrafts or decorations, but also fashionable and elegant works of art, which are deeply loved by art lovers or fashion experts. With the further standardization of the domestic handicraft investment and trading market, China is bound to usher in a peak period of handicraft development

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