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The cloud based active lifecycle management tool simplifies network operation and maintenance

ale. Taking Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand, it recently launched a powerful cloud service management tool to help partners and customers simplify network operation and management, reduce risks, and provide forward-looking solutions to optimize the future use of the network

with the new proactive lifecycle management cloud service tool, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication partners and customers can view the operation status of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication switches and controllers in the customer network through a single and secure portal

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active lifecycle management (Palm) tool and Alcatel Lucent omnivista? 2500 network management system. Partners and customers can obtain a complete network view with just one click. Through the cloud, the volume will be reduced after pressurization, and information such as the model, serial number, MAC address and operating system version of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication local area and wireless local area products can be safely collected. These detailed information is closely related to the life cycle, warranty, after-sales support and other information of software and hardware products. Palm is an optional function, which can be enabled through omnivista 2500 running under the customer network, and can safely push the ale network device information to the ale cloud system. Once this function is enabled, only the information related to network maintenance and support will be securely transmitted to the ale system through HTTPS, while the customer related information such as IP address or traffic will not be transmitted

partners can now eliminate the time-consuming and manual tools currently used in the mainstream and use these automated tools to simplify the customer's after-sales support process. By ensuring that customers use the latest version of the operating system and effective support service agreements, they can effectively reduce the potential risks in the aluminum powder industry: policies support the development of high-end products. Customers can quickly determine which equipment or services need to be updated or upgraded through a simple and easy-to-use interface, which greatly simplifies the budget planning process of network infrastructure

we are committed to building a stronger and closer cooperative relationship between customers and partners to ensure that excellent network performance can create value for customers' business development. Active lifecycle management (Palm) has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. It can automate the manual operation process and help our customers and partners improve the health of the entire network. Our partners can not only assist customers in planning and budgeting expenses, but also ensure that customers' networks can adapt to future development needs, so as to ensure their trustworthy position in the industry

ale network solutions business department director Philippe bletterie

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