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Click to unlock the TPO production line of Qingdao Oriental Yuhong

Click to unlock the TPO production line of Qingdao Oriental Yuhong

December 23, 2020

Oriental Yuhong TPO waterproof coiled material, i.e. thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof coiled material, adopts special thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer resin, supplemented by flame retardants, light shielding agents, antioxidants, stabilizers that often lead to inaccurate measurement results Reinforced fabric is formed by CO extrusion

since it has the weather resistance of EPDM and the weldability of PVC plastic, and has the characteristics of easy processing, reusable, convenient construction and no pollution, it has been highly sought after by professional users and has become a new favorite in the single-layer roof market

Qingdao Dongfang Yuhong whole line is imported from Krauss Maffei company of Germany. In the design process, the production line not only retains the German Party's manufacturing experience in high-quality single-layer roof coiled material equipment, but also integrates Oriental Yuhong's understanding based on TPO coiled material formula and unique product structure design

compared with Dongfang Yuhong Yueyang TPO production line, this production line has higher production capacity, higher product quality, higher dimensional accuracy, higher automation and more humanized protection system. After the production line was put into operation, it has taken over from Yueyang to provide customers with better TPO roofing products

higher capacity - the overall capacity of the twin-screw extruder is up to 4.2 tons/h, reducing the seismic response to a very low linear speed of up to 22m/min, and the single line capacity is up to 12million m2/year

higher product quality - withdraw metering feeding when the independent weight loss test of each component raw material is completed or the user forcibly interrupts. The metering accuracy reaches 5 ‰. The twin-screw extruder with large diameter and high specific torque is selected for one-time melting and plasticizing molding. The accurate temperature control ensures that the thermal degradation of raw materials during processing is minimized

higher dimensional accuracy - multi-stage tension control β Continuous X-ray thickness measurement, laser meter automatic cutting and winding, etc. to ensure the product length, width, thickness, flatness, flatness and trimming evenness

a higher degree of Automation - there is no need for manual intervention in raw material mixing, conveying, weighing, feeding, winding and other links, the integrated console visual control, and remote control can be realized, greatly reducing the consumption of personnel and the impact of the level of operators on the product quality

more humanized protection system - all transmission parts of the whole line are equipped with protective covers/safety doors, and exposed heating areas are treated with heat insulation and scald prevention, which not only reduces equipment energy consumption, but also ensures the safety of production personnel

Oriental Yuhong will continue to optimize technology and upgrade services, seize the "smart" high point, help China's manufacturing industry upgrade in many ways, and draw a high-speed, high-precision, intelligent and magnificent blue one by one code map

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