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Tigreen paper: the workers' Congress is perfectly "online" and democratic management is not "offline"

release date: Source: China News

anti epidemic "new" workers' Congress, democratic management is not "offline". Recently, in 2020, the Thai green paper trade union innovated the form of the workers' Congress, making this workers' Congress postponed due to the COVID-19 perfect "online"

democratic management "grounded"

this "cloud" workers' Congress is more "grounded" than in previous years, attracting more than 4000 employees to "listen to the cloud", breaking through the previous limit of the number of staff representatives, and realizing the standardized, efficient and orderly "cloud supervision" of the workers' Congress

in the main venue of the workers' Congress, except for a few team members of the company, the rest of the staff representatives attended the Congress through computers and connections, realizing "the live broadcast of the meeting, the construction of proposals, the online discussion of reports, the proposal in discussion groups, and the voting and group voting", achieving the "no reduction in standards, no reduction in procedures, no deletion of content, and many links" of the workers' Congress, ensuring that the staff representatives of the company actively made suggestions and passed on the wishes of the staff, The right to participate in the democratic management of enterprises

video shows the style of "striver"

Ye Meng, Secretary of the Party committee of taigelin paper, Secretary of the Party committee of Yueyang forest paper and chairman of the board, said that this workers' Congress is a democratic decision-making meeting, but also a development mobilization meeting. In the form of "on-site + online", it can enable more fastener employees such as brackets to widely participate in the company's decision-making, and further clarify the development goals, unify the development consensus, unite and develop the hearts of the people Strengthen confidence in development

"the work report has a lot of implications for the future development of tegreen paper. Under the action of mechanical force, we can produce degradable materials by extrusion, molding, blow molding or injection molding and adopting appropriate molds. The strategic goal of the product is very clear, and the development path is practical and feasible. It not only grasps the general trend of the times, but also combines the actual situation of the enterprise, making people full of confidence and strength." Zhang Xiping, the staff representative, said

"the form of the meeting is new, the feeling is very special, the memory is very deep, and the confidence is very sufficient!" Liu Kun, the employee representative, said that as the employee representative of the production line, this special workers' Congress not only reflected the enterprise's respect for the rights and interests of employees, but also boosted everyone's confidence in achieving the annual goals

it is worth mentioning that for the problem of not being able to present awards and commendations on site, the party and Mass Work Department of the company has produced a video showing the style of the winners of the "striver" series of tegreen paper, which is presented synchronously in the main venue and online, greatly enhancing the employees' sense of honor and pride

"going to the cloud" offers suggestions for development

after the introduction of the employee representative proposal system in 2019, the labor union of the company received a total of 273 proposals submitted by employee representatives in 2020, focusing on all the "four new" contents, such as new reform measures, new management methods, new business ideas, and activating new mechanisms, covering seven categories, including strategic development, reform and innovation, and production technology

on the same day, the employee representatives concentrated on "online" learning and discussing the annual work report, financial work report and 2020 collective agreement, and "went to the cloud" to offer suggestions for the development of the company

for example, the proposal of quantifying the ecological benefits of forestry and improving the intrinsic value of paper products suggests that the ecological benefits of forestry should be added to pulp products, and paper should be purchased and sent to forest carbon sink and carbon emission reduction, so that consumers can participate in green life and share ecological benefits; Some staff representatives put forward three proposals for production technology optimization, such as the "optimization of slurry delivery pipeline transformation", in an effort to eliminate the hidden dangers of vehicle lightweight in the production site. The labor union of the company and the branches of all units should write proposals for the staff representatives, be a good "waiter", take strengthening supervision and inspection as the service content, and run through the whole process of handling, concluding and replying to the proposals of the representatives

in 2019, 170 employee representatives' proposals were adopted and some of the steel was accepted when conducting notch impact tests, and 28 proposals were awarded. For each proposal in 2020, it will be included in the evaluation and reward of "I offer a policy for the company". The labor union of the company will sort it out and submit it to the relevant person in charge of the company for approval, and then the relevant departments will promote its implementation, so as to make the proposal of the workers' Congress a good fact that the masses can "see, touch and feel"

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