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Pacific heavy equipment: set sail to the "the Belt and Road"

Pacific heavy equipment: set sail to the "the Belt and Road"

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has been put into operation for 3 years, with an output value of more than 10 billion; Strategic cooperation has been frequently reached with relevant enterprises and scientific research institutes, and industrial projects have reached the world; "Hundred million dollar" orders continue... In the context of macroeconomic downturn, an inland marine equipment manufacturing enterprise - Taifu heavy equipment group still has a strong momentum of development

by the end of October this year, Taifu has signed sales orders with a total amount of more than 26billion yuan, including overseas orders of more than $2 billion, and has signed extensive capacity and infrastructure cooperation agreements with Nigeria, Kenya, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries along the "the Belt and Road"

as an advanced equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, Taifu seized the national strategic opportunities of the "the Belt and Road" and "made in China 2025". Its innovative "industrial engineering general contracting" model has been favored by many foreign governments and companies, and has become one of the pioneers of Chinese enterprises going global and developing international production capacity cooperation

Taifu heavy equipment: set sail for the "the Belt and Road"

from the perspective of "seizing opportunities", Taifu's development model

at the beginning of its establishment, Taifu mainly focused on the manufacturing business of single machine products for bulk material transportation, its traditional production and operation mode had weak profits and limited technology and product competitiveness. In 2013, affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the domestic equipment manufacturing industry has been in a downturn. The leadership of Taifu immediately realized that it must find new development space and development mode

first of all, Taifu has quickly realized the transformation from a manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing integrated service enterprise, from a single product manufacturer to a system supporting service provider, breaking the original pattern of separation and poor integration of design, manufacturing, construction and services

Tan Lang, CEO of Taifu group, believes that the current "overcapacity" in the domestic economy is not "absolute excess", but "low-end excess" and "fragment excess". Most customer service individuals who lack relevance are in a state of overcapacity. "The only thing that does not have excess is to integrate fragmented services into a whole process service system."

in addition, Taifu took the lead in innovating the "combination of industry and finance" model in the industry. By providing financial leasing services and leveraging capital, a comprehensive financial platform covering financial leasing, funds, asset trading and management is built to serve industrial development

Tan Lang said, "taking the needs of users as the purpose, quickly, personalized, and even beyond the needs of users, this is the unique 'Taifu mode'." In this mode, Taifu not only provides technical support for customers, but also provides a variety of financing systems and a comprehensive after-sales service framework

with the implementation of national strategies such as the "the Belt and Road" and "made in China 2025", Taifu has continuously adjusted and improved the strategic direction of the "Taifu model"

"we have carefully analyzed the countries along the route of 'one guarantee machine long cycle safe operation belt', and found that some underdeveloped countries do not have a complete design and manufacturing system, and lack funds. Taifu sees business opportunities from here." Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu group, said that Taifu changed its original block supply system into a full process general contracting, opened up financing channels and quickly gained recognition from overseas markets

in December 2015, when the Johannesburg Summit and the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China Africa cooperation was held in South Africa, corrosive gases were produced. Chinese and African government representatives held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Chinese and African enterprises. The cooperation project between Taifu and Sierra Leone ports was one of them. The contract amount of the project is 708million US dollars, which is also the first case in China where a private enterprise independently undertakes port design, port equipment supporting, port engineering construction and port delivery services

from the "troika" to see Taifu's scientific and technological innovation

for Taifu, with the help of the "the Belt and Road" national strategy, its "going out" has a large step and rapid development speed; However, the decision makers of Taifu realized that only by grasping the lifeline of scientific and technological innovation, which is the sustainable development of enterprises, can they walk more steadily in the "the Belt and Road" strategy. It is by virtue of the "troika" of innovative development mode, heavy technology research and development, and talent echelon that Taifu has driven it to the path of scientific and technological innovation leading the future

using international leading technology to promote enterprise development is the key to the development mode of taifuchuang. In order to achieve this goal, Taifu has opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, expanded industry university research cooperation, and continued to integrate high-quality resources

following the strategic reorganization with Zhongcheng International Offshore Engineering Survey and design company in September 2014, Taifu has now reached strategic cooperation with China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Communications Construction Group, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Civil Engineering Group, China Metallurgical Science and engineering group and other large domestic enterprises, which has not only opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, but also strengthened the design and general contracting capacity of marine engineering, ports and other water transport engineering fields, It has achieved a comprehensive understanding of the industry from engineering exploration and design, product manufacturing and installation to financial leasing

in recent years, Taifu has established industry university research partnerships with universities and colleges such as Wollongong University, National Defense University of science and technology, Wuhan University of technology, Hunan University, etc., successfully overcome the technical difficulties in industries such as intelligent maritime mobile terminals, fully intelligent unmanned stockyard handling and transportation systems, and environmental protection and energy-saving stockyards, and developed a series of products of long-distance and large volume circular pipe belt conveyors with the largest pipe diameter in China, The technical level ranks among the international advanced ranks

Taifu also cooperates with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Shanghai Jiahao ship, baoshine software, Siemens of Germany, FLSmidth of Denmark, through strategic cooperation, to improve its comprehensive capabilities in the general contracting, system design, construction management and other aspects of marine equipment manufacturing, port and bulk material handling and transportation complete equipment, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise

in terms of technology research and development, Taifu is market-oriented, focusing on the intelligent control of bulk material conveying system, environmental protection treatment and the innovation of bulk material conveying performance. Its self-developed environmental protection intelligent circular stockyard system not only solves the pollution problem of the traditional stockyard to the surrounding environment, but also has the advantages of energy saving, high stacking efficiency, high degree of automation, operation free from the impact of the climate environment, good landscape and so on. It is highly competitive at home and abroad

the highly forward-looking Taifu also set its sights on the world's cutting-edge BIM new material industry development system building information modeling, established a BIM team, began to use BIM to improve the management level of construction projects and the core competitiveness of enterprises, and carried out technical research and modeling activities from many aspects

in 2016, Taifu cooperated with domestic steel, power, port and other industrial design institutes to build an open and intelligent environmental protection technology experimental center. In the future, it will become the first comprehensive intelligent environmental protection technology experimental center in the field of bulk materials in China, laying a good foundation for the technical development and application test in the field of bulk materials in China

in building talent echelons, Taifu strives to build a high-level innovative talent team. Among the current 2018 employees of Taifu, there are 628 professional scientific and technical personnel with bachelor's degree or above, including 6 doctors, 121 masters, 78 with senior titles, and 35 famous experts at home and abroad

relying on the high-quality talent team, Taifu has applied for and undertaken the R & D and design of a number of provincial and national scientific research projects. For example, the industrialization project of full intelligent high-end bulk material handling and conveying complete equipment was included in the "2014 torch plan of the Ministry of science and technology", and the long-distance large volume circular pipe belt conveyor project was awarded the "2014 top ten landmark achievements of industrial technological innovation in Hunan Province", The inventory intelligent collection and visual management system of bulk material yard was rated as the "2015 special fund project for industrial informatization in Hunan Province"

from the perspective of "building a dream and sailing" to see the careful layout of Taifu

on November 4 this year, Taifu and South Asia international distribution D. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the Port Klang project in Malaysia. In the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on the port of Klang, wharf construction and other businesses. This is also another international order that Pacific harvest from the "the Belt and Road" strategy

although the internationalization of Taifu heavy equipment started late, with the help of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Taifu quickly became a "dark horse" to seize the overseas market. As early as 2014, with the help of local partners, Taifu's first international strategic project landed in Brazil. According to the needs of customers, Taifu stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, decided on a complete solution from parts supply to project financing and after-sales service, and signed a contract of US $400million, which was the largest overseas order of the company at that time

after returning from the Brazilian market with a full load, with the long established "Taifu model", combined with the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Taifu cut waves on the road of "going out", and international orders poured in

throughout the world, Taifu has signed purchase contracts with Shanghai Dingxin Technology Co., Ltd. to provide bucket wheel stacker reclaimer for its Indonesian project; Signed contracts totaling US $230million with Brazil synergy group; Signed a US $708million cooperation agreement with Sierra Leone on the reconstruction project of Elizabeth II port in Freetown; Sign Haldia port infrastructure construction project with India; Signed the EPC project of southeast Sulawesi bulk cargo berth port project with Indonesia...

after successfully moving towards internationalization, Taifu heavy equipment has explored a unique way in industrial layout - the focus of the Americas is its marine equipment industry and port construction market; Asia focuses on the "the Belt and Road" infrastructure construction projects supported by the state; Africa is taking advantage of the purchase and loan mode under China export credit insurance to participate in local port and power construction projects, and actively cooperate with domestic general contracting enterprises in infrastructure assistance projects in the African region

Tan Lang introduced that by actively participating in the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Taifu has greatly improved the international brand awareness and provided strong support for the development of China's famous equipment manufacturing industry. "At present, the domestic and foreign marketing ratio of Taifu is 6:4, and the overseas market will account for half in the future."

in the next three to five years, Taifu heavy equipment group will focus on the implementation of the strategy of building four major platforms, including intelligent manufacturing service platform, engineering general contracting platform, financial service platform and equipment trading e-commerce platform, transforming from single line marketing business to a systematic marketing mode of investment driven business, so as to provide all-round professional services for customers at home and abroad

at present, the manufacturing base of Taifu in Xiangtan Jiuhua has been put into operation, covering an area of 2.2 million square meters. In addition, the construction of two manufacturing bases located in Tianjin Lingang Industrial Park and Hubei Hanjiang River is being stepped up, of which Tianjin base has 100000 ton berths and Hubei base has a first-class waterway, which is expected to be put into use next year. In addition, the production base along the Huaihe River in Anhui Province, with a coastline of 2 kilometers, has laid the foundation on December 12 this year

Tan Lang introduced that the establishment of the four bases is to meet the transportation needs of large-scale equipment in mining, metallurgy, ports and power projects at home and abroad, which will greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of Taifu in docking with the "the Belt and Road" strategy

in addition, with the help of the platform resources of the Asian investment bank and the Silk Road Fund, Taifu will export intelligent systems

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