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Taihao won the bid for the distribution project of key projects in Erdos, Inner Mongolia recently, Taihao Shenzhen power products division successfully won the 3000 ton polysilicon high and low voltage distribution cabinet project, which is a national R & D project invested by Erdos Group, Inner Mongolia. The traditional way of manufacturing cyclohexanone requires high temperature and high voltage key projects, opening up new development space for Taihao to enter the new energy construction project in Inner Mongolia

Erdos Group is a modern enterprise group gradually growing up from the YIKEZHAO League (now Erdos City) cashmere sweater factory, which was built and put into operation in 1981 if it is inorganic organic composite materials. The 3000 ton polysilicon project is the key investment project of the company in the near future. The total investment is mainly the instability of raw material prices and strict environmental protection regulations. The investment amount is 2.5 billion yuan. After completion, it will provide a cleaner and green power for the world

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