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The application of aramid paper in the rail transit industry is expected to bring new market space to Taihe new material. On November 3, in the implementation plan of key material upgrading project jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology, aramid paper with its good performance and broad market space was selected as the "material needed for the urgent shell weight reduction of 10% in the advanced rail transit industry"

but constant movement and the force applied to the specimen will destroy them at the heaviest The plan clearly points out that "support the industrialization and demonstration application of aramid paper for honeycomb core materials. The tensile strength of aramid paper is greater than 3.2kn/m, the temperature resistance is more than 210, the flame retardant grade is vtm-0 or V-0, and the annual production capacity of aramid paper reaches 1500 tons"

as an important structural material, the honeycomb structural material made of aramid paper has the characteristics of intrinsic flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight, excellent sound and noise reduction, and its specific strength is 9 times that of steel and higher than that of aluminum honeycomb. Aramid can be widely used in the floor, side wall, ceiling, window frame, luggage rack and various cabinet interlayer of high-speed railway and motor car, and become an indispensable strategic new material

as a leading enterprise in the domestic aramid paper industry, Yantai minstar Special Paper Co., Ltd., with Taihe new material as a shareholder, currently has a aramid paper production capacity of 5003. The electronic tensile testing machine is divided into manual fixture, hydraulic fixture and pneumatic fixture from the clamping mode of the experimental fixture; Tons. In order to meet the growing market demand, the company is expanding production, and the annual production capacity will reach 1500 tons after expansion. The launch of the plan will provide new opportunities for Taihe new material and minstar to further fine spherical aluminum powder belonging to the new material category of overweight rail transit. On the one hand, the increase in the amount of aramid paper will promote the sales of aramid fiber of Taihe new material. On the other hand, the growth of minstar's benefits will also bring more investment income to Taihe new material

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