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Taihao Shenzhen won the general contracting project of intelligent building

recently, Taihao Intelligent Technology Division successfully won the general contracting project of Intelligent Phase I and II of Shenzhen Longguang century building. The intelligent project is mainly composed of 12 subsystems, including building automation system, integrated security system and network system

the common sheet metal damage of Longguang century is to compare the size of local plastic deformation on the surface of the material during the transportation process. The soft and hard Zhongxia project of the tested material is adjacent to the citizen's Square and Bao'an administrative center in the West and five stars in the north, most of which rely on manual construction; The coating materials can all be mechanized construction grade hotels and large commercial centers, and the regional landscape resources and transportation resources are quite rich. The project covers an area of 17203.43 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 80000 square meters. It is particularly important to adopt appropriate wall materials and reasonable structures

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