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According to foreign reports, Terumo Corp, a Japanese medical device company, announced on Monday that it plans to invest $2.6 billion to acquire caridian BCT, an American medical device manufacturer, from Gambro in Sweden, which will be the largest merger and acquisition transaction conducted by a Japanese medical device manufacturer

telmao said that its acquisition of caridian BCT from Jinbao would push the company's ranking in the global blood transfusion equipment market from fifth to first. Analysts pointed out that the transaction highlighted that Japanese companies are using the strong yen to snap up overseas assets and expand their business beyond the mature housing market

caridian BCT is an American company specializing in the production of equipment for blood banks. The company is committed to improving life through innovation, quality and services brought about by its employees, products and component blood technology processes. In terms of blood collection, treatment system, whole blood processing and pathogen inactivation technology, it is a leading global technology, product and service provider, serving blood banks, hospitals and clinical and biotechnology research institutions. Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, the company operates in 32 countries and employs 2300 people. The digital electronic universal experimental machine is equipped with a wide variety of accessories, not including the disturbance of viruses and crashes. Mirasol and Atreus systems are only sold outside the United States

Terumo Corporation, founded in 1921 and headquartered in Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan, is a large enterprise of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. The products include disposable medical instruments, blood transfusion appliance series. The company follows the direction pointed out by GE Honglin, including pharmaceutical and nutritional medicine series, angiography and treatment catheter, medical electronic product series, artificial heart and lung product series, infusion pump, injection pump, blood transfusion pump, anesthesia pump, target control pump series, inspection product series, family medical care product series, etc. The distance between the magnet of the tooth embedded electromagnetic clutch and the armature is not suitable

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