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Taifu reshipment and reorganization Zhongcheng international opens up the upstream industrial chain

Taifu reshipment and reorganization Zhongcheng international opens up the upstream industrial chain

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on September 27, the autumn was crisp and the island was picturesque. Against the backdrop of beautiful scenery such as the sea and the mountains, the signing ceremony of Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international strategic restructuring was grandly held in Sheraton Qingdao hotel. Taifu heavy equipment will hold 51% shares, and the original backbone employees of Zhongcheng international will hold 49%. After six months of passionate love, the two sides finally achieved good results and tied the knot. This means that Taifu heavy equipment has successfully opened up the upstream industrial chain, strengthened the design ability in port, marine engineering and other water transportation engineering fields, and better provided owners with one-stop solutions from survey, design consulting, project management, general contracting, project construction, equipment manufacturing and installation, financial leasing and after-sales services

"this is a major event in the development history of Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international, and it has also successfully opened a bright future for Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international." Zhang Yong, director of Taifu heavy equipment group, made a wonderful speech at the ceremony. He said that together with Zhongcheng international, Taifu heavy equipment has achieved efficient integration of resources and complementary advantages, laying the foundation for becoming a world-class integrated solution provider of marine and port engineering

"Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international are also committed to innovation and development in the field of port and ocean engineering. This strategic reorganization is actually a common dream fulfillment action of both sides." At the signing ceremony, Bao Mingzhe, chairman of Zhongcheng international, said, "the main reason for choosing to cooperate with Taifu is to find that Taifu heavy equipment group has a high starting point, a large strategy, a strong sense of social mission, and a common corporate goal and vision (1) Coaxiality, and the team is full of passion and enthusiasm, with strong professional skills and execution. The strategic reorganization of Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international will certainly produce the effect of 1+1 2. They will have broader development space for each other and make a wonderful appearance on the stage of international marine engineering and port equipment. "

strategic restructuring is not only the need of enterprise development, but also the trend of the times.

in recent years, due to the increasingly fierce international competition situation, the tightening of domestic macroeconomic regulation and control, China's economic growth has slowed down significantly, and the development of traditional bulk material transportation equipment industries such as metallurgy, thermal power, cement has entered a "trough" period

"the ocean gives people endless reverie, and the marine economy contains infinite potential and charm." Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment group, said that based on the marine equipment manufacturing and port water transportation market, vigorously developing the port and marine economy will have a broad market prospect. This is the dream of Taifu, which is also in line with the general trend of China's "12th Five Year Plan" development plan. It is also the only way for Taifu to become a leading enterprise in the industry

at the beginning of 2014, Taifu heavy equipment, which has been struggling in the bulk material transportation equipment industry for more than ten years, established a strategic policy to fully enter the field of marine engineering and water transportation equipment. In June 2014, Taifu purchased 3000 mu of land along the 1500 meter coastline in Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone. It plans to build the world's largest, unique and most competitive one-stop international port, marine engineering high-end equipment exhibition, trading, service center and manufacturing and remanufacturing base, integrating logistics, business flow, and the import and export volume of various paper products, accounting for no more than 20% of information flow, capital flow, technology, and after-sales service, Finally, build a modern manufacturing service platform

"however, during the operation of specific projects, we found that the chain of engineering survey and design, product manufacturing and installation and financial leasing in the industry is fragmented." Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu group, said, "traditional manufacturing enterprises lack the ability of design exploration and design qualification, while traditional design institutes lack the ability of product manufacturing and financing, so no one can take the overall situation and take the lead in the EPC project."

it is not only the efficient integration of resources, but also the complementarity of industrial advantages.

in order to break through this bottleneck, as early as 2013, Taifu heavy equipment began to cooperate with Zhongcheng international on major port projects at home and abroad. With the deepening cooperation between the two sides, both sides have found that they have common goals and visions, as well as their respective advantages and demands

"the cooperation between Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international is a perfect match and complements each other." Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment Co., Ltd., said that on the one hand, Taifu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. used the design ability and qualification of Zhongcheng international to expand the upstream industrial chain and further optimize the product structure; On the other hand, Zhongcheng international can take advantage of the strong manufacturing, construction and financing capabilities of Taifu heavy equipment to further expand the downstream industrial chain, and the resources of both sides have been effectively integrated to achieve complementary advantages

with the joint efforts of Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international, in the field of water transportation engineering, it can provide owners with one-stop solutions from survey, design consulting, project management, general contracting, project construction, equipment manufacturing and installation, financial leasing and after-sales service

the strategic restructuring negotiations between Taifu heavy equipment and Zhongcheng international began in March 2014. During this period, after many rounds of negotiations, the restructuring plan was finally determined in early September 2014, and the goal of striving to achieve listing within two years was established

Zhongcheng international marine engineering survey and Design Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shandong shipping Design Institute, has a 51 year development history. The company has strong technical force, class a qualification for design and engineering consulting in the water transportation industry, and a high-quality technical team. It has successively completed the hydraulic base project of Qingdao Sailing Center for the 29th Olympic Games, the general berth project of Lanshan Port Area of Rizhao Port, the bulk grain berth project of Longkou port and the bulk cargo berth project Taierzhuang ship 6. Press the switch on the manual control box and turn it to the "on" position. The design of multiple hydraulic projects, such as the lock double track project, Qingdao Huangdao ferry project, Weihai shipyard arc slide project, has participated in the revision of the master plan of national large-scale projects such as the "master plan of Qingdao port Qianwan port area", and has won more than 20 ministerial and provincial awards

under the leadership of chairman Bao Mingzhe, relying on excellent design technical force, Zhongcheng international has established the overall strategy of developing general contracting with engineering design as the leader. In recent years, it has developed very rapidly. It has created excellent achievements and accumulated rich experience in the fields of survey, design consulting, project management, general contracting and project development of water transport projects, such as ports, waterways, shipyards, navigation buildings and water traffic control

in the future, Taifu heavy equipment will work with Zhongcheng international to continue to give full play to the characteristics of fast decision-making and strong vitality of private enterprises, actively innovate the business model, and smoothly achieve the goal of listing within two years through strong combination and complementary advantages

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