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Tailless flexible construction is efficient. Sany micro excavation sy35u has become a new favorite of subway construction.

tailless flexible construction is efficient. Sany micro excavation sy35u has become a new favorite of subway construction.

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with the rapid economic development and the promotion of urbanization throughout the country, subway construction has become a key project in many cities. As the subway construction is a national key project, the requirements are very strict, and the construction is designed to help manufacturers and designers create more possibilities for developing new products. The environment is more difficult than ordinary projects, so the selection of equipment in this project is also crucial

Sany micro excavation has the advantages of low fuselage, compact structure, excellent performance and so on. It can flexibly travel through all kinds of construction sites, even in the surrounding rock strata, and it can also be flexible and flexible

tailless and flexible, sy35u solves the big problem of subway construction

the construction of Changsha Metro Line 6 began on December 28, 2016. The project is a backbone line arranged along the main passenger flow corridor of the city, with a length of about 48.7km, and the middle section of line 6 is scheduled to be completed and opened in 2021. The construction period of the project is tight, and the construction requirements are very high, so manager Li, the person in charge, said that it is very important to choose the appropriate equipment

"sy35u is a very popular micro dig in the market recently. I believe that so many people must have reason to choose it, and the eyes of the masses are bright!"

Sany sy35u is very popular in Subway Engineering

Li said that the subway construction environment is relatively narrow, and some more complex working conditions can not be successfully completed by manual work, while large machines are even more impossible, which requires a small and flexible micro excavator

the sy35u has a compact body and a total chassis width of only 1720mm, which can work in various narrow working conditions. Moreover, this equipment adopts a unique tailless design, and the turning radius of the tail is only 860mm. No matter how you work, the tail will not exceed the crawler, which is very suitable for the narrow working condition of subway construction

Sany sy35u is flexible under narrow underground working conditions

first-class configuration, efficient and accurate construction is faster

at the same time, this project is a provincial key project at the beginning of the year. Not only is the construction period tight, but also the construction standard is very high, and sometimes workers often need to repair it repeatedly. However, using sy35u does not need to consider this problem at all

it is reported that this equipment is equipped with a stepless throttle speed regulation system specially provided by SANY for Yangma engine. The excavator can work at any ideal speed, and the configured load sensitive hydraulic system can provide and distribute flow according to the needs of the system for flow, making the operation more accurate and efficient

Sany sy35u overcomes the working conditions that are difficult to complete manually

according to the operator of this micro excavation, in terms of digging ditches of the same length, Sany micro excavation takes only twoorthree hours, while using labor takes oneortwo days. Moreover, the ditches dug by the excavator are more neat, and the effect is better. Key work such as innovation system, technical equipment system, supply and demand docking system, standard system, statistical system, technical maturity evaluation system and so on are deployed

since the advent of Sany microdig, it has been favored by consumers. Efficiency, flexibility, accuracy and convenience are its labels, and these characteristics have also been deepened and strengthened in the difficult working conditions of customer service time and again. Both key projects and rural infrastructure have praise for Sany micro excavation. As manager Li said, the eyes of the masses are bright. If you also need this

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