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Taihao won the bid for the intelligent design project of Hunan Forest Fire Prevention Command Center

the building of Hunan forest fire prevention command center is a main building and two auxiliary buildings. This intelligent engineering design mainly includes: generic cabling system, cable TV system, background music and emergency broadcasting system, which is one of the trends of environmental protection and energy conservation of building materials. Security monitoring system, all-in-one card system, information release system, multimedia conference system, computer room engineering, etc

it is understood that the design of the whole network system should, on the whole, fully share resources and facilitate unified management and control. While providing a safe, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and sustainable living and office environment, we should try our best to improve the performance price ratio of the whole system. The system design should first meet the normative requirements of the construction of Hunan Forest Fire Prevention Command Center, and then meet the PWA - the compressive strength (n) of wrapped cartons in each functional area; Personalized requirements of network system

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