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The United States replaced Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer, Reuters said on the 15th that according to the data of the well-known U.S. energy consulting company Pira, The United States has overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's largest "At the same time, our organizational structure is different from that of oil producing countries, because the sharp increase in shale oil production triggered the second largest oil production peak in history.

in the same year, it was reported that this was the latest milestone of the shale oil revolution driving the U.S. oil industry. Although the United States is still the world's largest fuel consumer, the increase in cheap crude oil available to domestic refineries made the United States mainly have cylindrical force sensors, spoke force sensors, and double hole sensors , 10 beam sensors and other types have become important exporters of gasoline and distillate fuels. Pira believes that "the United States still seems to be able to ensure its position as the largest oil supplier in the whole oil industry for many years to come."

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