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U.S. retailers are actively using shopping functions to increase sales

Introduction: foreign media wrote today that with the development of payment technology, more and more U.S. retailers are beginning to attract users to shop

the following is the full text of the article:

great opportunities

this Christmas shopping season, best buy, the world's largest consumer electronics retailer, not only hopes users to buy goods in stores, but also hopes to sell goods

American retailers such as best buy, home depot and Amazon are actively promoting a program that allows users to scan barcodes to obtain discounts and product information

this idea can facilitate users to compare prices, obtain product reviews and stimulate purchase desire, so as to increase sales. According to the data of American market research company alite Groupon, the amount of shopping completed in the United States will triple this year to $3billion, and will double to $6billion next year

Dave sikora, CEO of Digby, who specializes in helping retailers formulate mobile strategies, said: "for retailers, it represents a huge opportunity. In 2008 and 2009, shopping was only a scientific research project. Now, it has achieved rapid development, and providing professional shopping experience has become a key task for retailers."

according to the National Retail Federation, consumer spending this Christmas shopping season will reach $447billion. According to IDC, an American market research company, at least US $127billion, or 28% of it, will come from smart users

mobile commerce

Mary Meeker, a partner of KPCB, an American venture capital firm, believes that mobile commerce will gain market share faster than the traditional retail industry. Mick used to be an analyst at Morgan Stanley. She is famous for successfully predicting the rise of e-commerce

the use of promotion will stimulate users' desire to buy, and can drop by 12.4% and 13.7% year-on-year respectively, such as non-ferrous metal mining and smelting. When users arrive at the most likely shopping location, they will be sent coupons or discount information. Mick believes that retailers will benefit from it

John Tompson, general manager of best buy, said, "it will change the way users interact, and it is almost everywhere. We expect this trend to continue to develop, and our intelligent sales business will continue to grow."

mobile app developers such as barcode hero and fashion will also benefit. Their focus is to help consumers make purchase decisions through comments and social networks. Thefind, a product search engine, also launched a shopping app last month, which will pop up best buy ads when consumers scan products at other retailers

current experience

golfsmith, an American retailer, launched a mobile app this year, which can display golf clubs in video and advertise balls and golf equipment. Home Depot's application can help consumers calculate the paint needed to paint a room. Diagnosis and treatment of problems of electronic universal testing machine

compared with the United States, shopping business in Asia and Europe is more popular. According to the data of IE market research, a Canadian market research company, about 8% of American consumers have purchased goods, while the proportion in Taiwan, China is as high as 32%. In Europe, Finland ranks first, accounting for 13%

compared with conventional desktop browsers, the shopping experience is not always so smooth. According to Gomez, an American station performance monitoring company, the analysis standards are very accurate compared with conventional stations. Stations of the top 15 retailers in the United States will run slowly, have frequent downtime and are not stable enough, including Amazon, best buy and Dell

future trends

gomez vice president Matt poepsel said, "the station reminds people of the World Wide Web 10 years ago."

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, the world's largest chipmaker, said that American companies have been trying to create ways to help users pay, especially after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007

Jacob said in an interview with the media last month, "it will become the payment mechanism in the future. No matter what you want to buy, you may only need 3. Eliminate the influence of uneven mixing of color masterbatch and masterbatch. After scanning, you can activate the checkout procedure. This will also improve security, so that when you walk out of the store, you won't ring."

according to the data of the mobile marketing association, an American trade organization, about 60% of users want to use it to assist shopping and carry out festival celebrations

digby's Scola said, "no matter where you are, you will see a lot of people complete transactions. Once users integrate into this trend, retailers will have an excellent experience." Sina Technology

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