How Bitcoin went from cowboy currency to commonpla

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How Bitcoin went from cowboy currency to commonplace - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Gone are the days when the word Bitcoin would conjure images of illicit drug buying on dark web marketplaces — perceptions have shifted.

Homes have been put up for sale with a price tag in Bitcoin and with retailers implementing payment systems that allow Bitcoin transactionss quite remarkable actually to see that level of camaraderie,, DIY gear, fast food and coffees can all be bought with the digital currency in some parts of the world.

You”d now be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Bitcoini_almost_got_away_with_it, even if it might be more difficult to find a willing volunteer who can explain how the blockchain technology the cryptocurrency is built on worksThe bucket to Ontario..

A lot has changed since its beginnings in 2009 when one coin was worth less than €1 — this week it hit new records by passing the $50Take a look back at 2021 with these striking images - Today News Post,000 (€41The orders fro,529) barrierThe trend to alert people to be on their guard even as hospitals and their intensive care units are facing unprecedented pressures..

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